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LASCO Awards 2014

10th Anniversary Celebration October 2017

Left to right: Karen Green-Wynter, Denton Bailey, Simone Scarlett, Albert Wisdom

Left to right
Valrie Grant(Geo Tech ), Pat Wisdom, Denise West(Lasco), Marcia Woonchoy)

Left to right: Natalee Spencer, Roberta Campbell, Pat Wisdom, Janelle Masters

Pat Wisdom(CEO, ORCC), Beverly Douglas (Lasco Financial Services)

Moya Tracey (excellence in summer employment) left

Roberta Campbell (5 years of service) left

Pat Wisdom (CEO) presenting her speech at the awards ceremony

Safoi Williams (Motivational Team Player) left

Alecia Woodburn (Punctuality & Attendance) left

Nicole Roberts (excellence in customer relations) left

Simone Scarlett (most compliant) left

Simone Scarlett (most compliant) left

Janeen Pasmore (5 years of service) left

Janelle Masters (5years of service) left

Calla Lewis-Green (5 years of service & Excellence in customer service)left

Karen Green-Wynter (10 years of service) left

Kerrian Whyte- Fray (10 years of service) left

From left to right: Natalie Mullings (10 years of service and staff of the year 2016), Alicia Wisdom (Office Manager) left

Denton bailey(5 years of service) left

Tashika Grant(Director) presenting her speech

Tashika Grant, Pat Wisdom, Mr. Peterkin

Pat Wisdom, Yvonne Lindo (Facey Commodity)

Alicia Wisdom, Tashika Grant, Pat Wisdom

ORCC staff members

Left to right
Back row: Moya Tracey, Annette Christie, Alecia Wiidburn, Safoi William, Roberta Campbell, Denton Bailey, natalee Spencer, Janeen Pasmore, Sandra Murray, Nicole Roberts

Front row: Alicia Wisdom, Karen Green- Wynter, Janelle Masters, Natalee Mullings, Pat Wisdom, Kerrian Whyte-Fray, Simone Scarlett, Calla Lewis-Green